The Nigerian Immigration Recruitment Exercise; a Charade and Shameful Exercise

Senator Babajide Omoworare of Osun East (Ife/Ijesa) Senatorial District of the State of Osun, commiserates with the parents, friend and families of those young Nigerian who lost their lives during the Nigerian Immigration Services recruitment exercise of Saturday 15th March, 2014. We extend our condolence to the families of those potential leader and bread winners who died in the unfortunate incident, we pray that the young bloods find eternal rest in the bosom of God almighty and the families granted enough fortitude to bear the loss. May God in his infinite mercies guide us right to do it right and restore the greatness of Nigeria.

Regrettably, those families whose children have been hewn down in their prime were least expectant of such tragedy after wishing their children and wards the very best of luck in the screening exercise, not knowing it was a journey of no return. This exercise is not just disgraceful, it is a reflection of wanton neglect and insensitivity of the Government to the welfare of the energetic youths. I cannot come to terms with the dehumanising situation that those young men and women were subjected to in their quest for a productive engagement.

The appalling charade and outright disgrace called screening is a serious National challenge which shows seriousness of the unemployment situation in the Nation and the enthusiasm of our youths to seek their daily bread through legitimate means. On whose table shall we lay the blame of this national disgrace? Are the youths wrong to have sought better life by registering and participating in the recruitment screening? The mammoth turnout alone should send a signal to the Federal Government that the Nation is on the brink with a possible implosion if drastic steps are not taken to address the situation.    

Without any intention at political polemics, I hope the managers of our National affairs are bold enough to bury their heads in shame or are they preparing as usual to dance on the graves of the enthusiastic young people who have been sent to their early graves resulting from this shameful act? Will there be none to be held accountable for the said “mistake” according to comrade Aba Moro the Minister of Interior? In a sane clime, many resignation letters will be flying around by now and responsible people charged with various affairs will act responsibly. In Nigeria unfortunately, the killers will soon be decorate with awards.

This incidence must not be swept under the carpet, thorough investigation must be carried out to determine culpability of individuals and agencies. I appeal to the National Assembly most importantly my distinguished colleague to give conscience priority over politics in dealing with this issue and other sundry national affairs in the interest of democracy and development of our beloved Nation. Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB conducts yearly examinations for not less than a million candidates, can the Ministry of Interior borrow a leave from them?

I sincerely hope that Nigerians draw needed economic and political lessons. Situation in the country calls for a radical departure from the rot that has perpetuated itself as Federal Government of Nigeria led by the PDP. We cannot continue to exist in a vicious circle when we have the power of choice with us. May God Almighty put an end to our hydra headed tragedies and restore our lost glory where people have jobs waiting for them before completion of their academics.

Tunde Dairo
Media Assistant to the Senator Babajide Omoworare