Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola… A Man of Action driven by Passion on a Mission of Excellence!

Being saddled with enormous responsibility as a Governor is enough a challenge to bring out the worse of a man. Many have promised heaven and Eldorado only to forget their pact no sooner than they have the people’s mandate. Ogebni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola has proved himself an exception to that category and class of opportunistic politicians who takes the people for a ride, milk their wealth and ignore their feelings. I am proud to associate with this unusual Governor whose exemplary leadership and giant stride has redefined governance!

Ogbeni as he is fondly addressed has demonstrated passion for the people and knack for excellence in the last three and halve years in the saddle of governance in the State of Osun such that a once poor and underdeveloped state has been put on the map of rapid growth and development, that made it a subject matter nationally and internationally. Achieving this has not been a child play or product from a dumb or feeble mind, Ogbeni has a clear vision, he is guided by God and his passion to leave the state better than he met it. I have no doubt, his name will be etched in gold in the history book of Osun. He is left with no option on this an integral part of the Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu School of prudent, people oriented and progressive politicking.

His person is too phenomenal for a pages of paper, however, I will try my very best in blunt words to describe this enigmatic, charismatic manager of men and resources whose dispassionate, unusual and radical approaches to issues was not easily understood by a conservative few and some other genuine individuals who were not patient with him. The once touted controversial, criticised and most misunderstood governor is now a cynosure of all eyes. He is now being appreciated for his goal getting, marvellous and unpredictable ways of doing things.    

It is one thing to be ambitious, it is another thing to be well prepared to and work toward such ambition. Ogbeni, being a visionary man and a team leader, did not just take a shot at the number one man job of the State of Osun, he prepared earnestly, set out his goals and bought us all into it. He is not a man of vendetta but does not quickly forget the silence of his friends and mockery of his enemies, any kind gesture to his is a sown seed and any act of betrayal or wickedness is an opportunity to learn more about God being the only saint. However, he does not hold anything against anyone.

His socialist background and orientation has not impacted philosophically on his view and worship of God, his social exposure has not rubbed him of his enviable values neither has it embedded a dint of pride on him. It is a universal knowledge that only God is perfect, however, I stand to be controverted by any, Ogbeni Aregbesola is governance personified and an ideal example of who a governor should be.


Senator Babajide Omoworare
Osun East (Ife/Ijesa) Senatorial District, State of Osun.