Osun East Senatorial District

Osun East Senatorial district is the largest of the three senatorial divisions of Osun State in terms of landmass,with a population of over 1.2 million and a voting strength of 480,150. The large vast of tropical forest land is the home of two distinct and popular Yoruba sub ethnic groups.

There are four Local Government Areas in Ifeland with one area office at Modakeke-Ife, while there are six in Ijeshaland. The local governments are Atakunmosa East, Atakunmosa West, Ife Central, Ife East, Ife North, Ife South, Ilesha East, Ilesha West, Obokun and Oriade. The dominant language in this region is Yoruba with three major dialects of Ife, Ijesha and Oyo. All the LGAs are metropolitan in nature with major cities surrounded by many adjourning and accessible villages.

The dominant occupation and economic activities of the people centers around farming, agro allied productions, trading, artisanship, school administration, teaching and cottage industries. The district is also blessed with mineral deposits like gold, talc and feldspar. There are civil servants in the services of local, state and federal governments with numerous other corporate and private businesses.

The Ooni of Ife and the Owa Obokun of Ijeshaland are the notable paramount rulers whose palaces serve as tourist attractions. We have the famous Erin Ijesha Water fall, the Oranmiyan Staff, Ife Museum, Obafemi Awolowo University campus and the Natural History Museum among others as tourist attraction sites.

The people of the district have high value for education and the presence of notable institution like the Obafemi Awolowo University in Ile-Ife, Osun State College of Education at Ilesha, College of Health Technology Ilesha, OAU School of Basic Studies (and pre-degree) Moro and the Osun State College of Technology at Esa Oke are testimonials of the place of education in the life of the people. Private tertiary institutions in the Senatorial District include Joseph Ayo Babalola University Ikeji-Arakeji, the Campus Link College, Moro, Interlink Polytechnic Esa-Oke, Oduduwa University and the Universal College of Technology both in Ile-Ife. The district also has a large number of public and private primary and secondary schools.

Notable electronic media establishments include OSBC TV in Ibokun, Orisun FM Ile-Ife, Gold FM Ilesa, Unique FM Ilesa and NTA Ile-Ife. Various communities in the district have independent print media to serve the local demands.

This Senatorial District is unlimited in potentials and with the right policies, frame work and mind sets, it can become a cynosure of all eyes within Nigeria and beyond.


POPULATION (2006 NPC Census)
ATAKUNMOSA EAST IPERINDO 238 km² wara (1), Igangan (2), Ipole (3), Iperindo(4), Eti-oni (5), Odogbo (6), Sokoto (7), Arowojobe (8), Faforiji (9) Ajebamidele (10) 76,197
ATAKUNMOSA WEST OSU 577 km² Osu (1), Iloba(2), Osu (3), Ijana(4), Itagunmodi (5), Ibodi (6), Oke-Bode (7), Isaobi (8), Ilaa-Ijesa (9), Ifewara(10), Ifewara (11) 68,643
IFE CENTRAL AJEBANDELE 111 km² Ilare(1,2,3,4), Iremo (1,2,3,4,5), Moore/Ojaja, Akarabata 167,254
IFE EAST OKE OGBO OKE OGBO Okerewe (1,2,3,) Yekemi, Ilode(1,2,) Moore 188,087
IFE NORTH IPETUMODU 889 km² Edunabon(1&2), Moro, Yakoyo, Ipetu (1&2), Ashipa/Akinlalu, Famia, Oyere (1&2) 153,694
IFE SOUTH IFETEDO 730 km² Ikija (1), Abiri Ogudu, Kere, Ikija (2), Ayesan, Mefoworade, Aare, Aaye, Osi, Oke-Owena 135,338
ILESA EAST OYEMOGUN ROAD, ILESA 71 km² Wards 1-11 106,586
ILESA WEST EREJA SQUARE 75km2 Upper Egbeidi, Lower Egbeidi, Igbogi, Omofe , Isokun, Ikoti/Ikoyi, Ilaje, Isida/Adeti, Ereja, Ayeso. 103,555
OBOKUN IBOKUN 527 km² Wards 1-11 116,511
ORIADE IJEBU-JESA 465 km² Wards 1-12 148,617
AREA OFFICE MODAKEKE IFE 20km2 Modakeke (1,2,3) Within Ife East LG