Chibok Girls

I, Senator Babajide Omoworare of Osun East (Ife/Ijesa) Senatorial District of the State of Osun join millions of well-meaning Nigerians and the international community to condemn the incessant attack from the Boko Haram terrorist group on innocent Nigerians who themselves are victims of poor and clueless leadership of the nation. We frown at the most recent, callous and condemnable abduction of young school girls from Chibok Government Secondary School in Borno State. It is insanity and psychological disorientation for any sect or individual to endlessly shed blood of innocent people in the name of an interest and protection of a claimed religious verdict when victims of their devilish acts include people of their said protected faith and interest.

Without compounding the trauma of the parents of the young girls, we decry the role of the first lady Mr Patience Jonathan who assumed the role of an emperor holding a court, playing on the emotions of the Nation as if finding the missing children is an act of benevolence and not duty. It is time to stop the comic relief from the Federal Government and give the business of running this nation all it takes to overcome the current challenges. 2015 presidential ambition aside, noteworthy is the saying that the deeds and record will remain when our time have passed.

Recollecting that devastating events like this have occurred in the past, and continued unabated, the Nation sank deeper into a state of despair without any ray of end in view.  We are not quick to forget the Mubi, Buni Yadi, Madala, incidences, just to mention a few that have taken place without anyone brought to book. It is rather unfortunate that the Federal Government and the security operatives are rather reactionary than preventive despite the huge resources being committed to security and combat against the insurgents.    

It is imperative for us to urgently and genuinely disburse funds that are meant for training, equipment and mobilisation of the military personnel who must also shun corrupt practise, end the culture of milking the nation with this security situation and spend every disbursed money to mobilise the already demoralised military forces whose welfare is recklessly neglected. However, to attain a paradigm shift, an independent probe into the misappropriation of the past and recent time in security sector that must not be neglected.

We applaud Nigerians who disregarded religious, political and ethnic divisions to rise in one voice in their quest to rescue the innocent girls and unite them with their traumatised family. We salute the spirit of humanism and effort of the international community and activists who participated massively and actively in the “bring back our girls” campaign. We also thanked the heads of government and states who have contributed in diverse ways to stand by Nigeria in the trying period and their effort to towards our overcoming the menace and national embarrassment called Boko Haram.

It is imperative that the Nigeria Security operatives maximise the opportunity at hand, tap into the professional capacity of the foreign personnel and avoid a repeat of the March 2012 failed rescue incidence of two foreign nationals. The lives of these young mothers of the nation is too precious to be sacrificed as guinea pigs. Nothing must go wrong this time, the security operative without compromising our sovereignty must cooperate with the western assistance in every respect for optimum result.

Our heart and prayers remain with the girls and their parents at this trying period, we implore all to intensify our prayer for them to return home in one piece, may the rescue operation end in success and the nation saved from of this messy and challenging situation.

Sen.Babajide Omoworare
Osun East (Ife/Ijesa) Senatorial District